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Mar 16, 2012

2012 spring mini sessions

for those of you who have been wanting a 'mini' session, it's here! what is a mini session, you ask? it's basically a shorter, more relaxed session designed for those who want to update their family portraits, or simply want a shorter photo session. mini sessions are great reasons for parents to get kids dressed up in their favorite spring outfits. its also a good opportunity if you have been wanting some portraits but do not want to commit to a regular session. and oh, did i mention that mother's day is around the corner?? ;)

the session will typically last about 20 minutes, resulting in about 15 edited images for you to view in a private online gallery. from there, you will select an image for your wallet sized prints and two digital images. it's that simple.
but just because we call it a mini session, it doesn't mean we skim on the personalized attention and planning!

ready to book? email me! looking forward to seeing you!

Mar 15, 2012

los angeles engagement

i love when people are themselves in front of the camera...its not the easiest thing to do when you know someone is taking your picture. i am just blown away by how photogenic sena and james are...these two are so natural and easy-going that it almost makes capturing those natural moments effortless. not only is sena gorgeous, she has such an ease about her. and she has the most beautiful profile! **envious sigh** ...and james, well, he is handsome and honestly one of the nicest guys out there. what a good-looking couple they make, dont you think? and soo sweet together! makes me thrilled to share their engagement session with you!

arent they so adorable? not to mention the light here is to die for! :)

you cant tell here, but it was so cold on the beach that day! they were such good sports and made freezing to death look like fun..thats how good they were!
these next two shots are my favorites. i just love her laugh here..pure joy! :)

so romantic!!

Feb 21, 2012

a little getaway

this past weekend, i surprised my husband with a weekend at the happiest place on earth. disneyland is special not only because you can be any age and feel like a kid, but it was also the place my husband proposed to me. the funny story behind this is that he had planned to propose while the fireworks were shooting away in the background. but that night, the fireworks show was cancelled due to high winds. and because he had to get me back to a surprise party at a certain hour, he ended up popping the big question just as we were on the way out of the park. poor guy...he was so nervous he dropped the ring while we were sitting on the bench. it rolled towards the gutter and almost fell in! luckily for me, it didnt. :)

it was such a fun weekend! we were like two big kids without a care in the world...something we havent felt in a long time! :D

Jan 28, 2012

welcome, beautiful natalia

my first newborn session of the year...
this little beauty was so irresistibly precious and sweet. even before i met her, i knew she would be amazing. when we finally met, i totally fell in love. what an incredibly dainty and beautiful baby natalia is. and mommy and daddy are some of the nicest people ever! as you can see, they are so in love with her. and how can you not be? seriously, she is just perfect!

thank you, luis and esperanza, for allowing me into your home, trusting me with your tiny bundle of love, and giving me the privilege to document this special time for you. natalia is lucky to have such loving parents. i hope you enjoy these photos. :)

(click on any image to see it on black!)
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aww...just look at her. already a daddy's girl. :)

is she a stunning baby or what? i just can't get over her!

Jan 16, 2012

1000 things i love

the list of what we love about our babies is endless. here are just a few from mine:

i love her painted eyebrows,
her kissable chewy round cheeks,
her tiny fingers and toes, which arent so tiny anymore,
the wispy strands of hair from the side of her ears,
the folds in her arms, legs, and neck,
her babbling and hearing her say 'mamamama'
i love that she turns her head at the sound of my voice,
when those tiny lips turn into a smile and two baby whites peek out,
when she looks at me for reassurance, then returns to her play,
our afternoon naps together, and weekend ones with daddy,
i even love when she pretends to cry to get sympathy,
yes, i so love being her mama. :o)

what do you love about your little one?