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Jun 19, 2011

happy father's day!

my whole life, i have known how important fathers are. now that charlie is here, i realize this even more so.
here's to all you wonderful dads...thank you for your hard work and unconditional love! hope you have had a wonderful father's day weekend!

Jun 13, 2011

better a lil' late than never...right? :)

this entry is lonnng overdue. but between feedings, diaper changing, catching up on projects, and trying to sleep, well, late is better than nothing.

on may 3, i met the new love of my life (not to be confused with the other love of my life ;). we weren't expecting her for another three weeks and were quite unprepared - my husband had only assembled her bed the day before, thinking we had more time. but when she arrived, we were just grateful she was healthy and beautiful. ever since then, our lives have been a whirlwind of emotions, not to mention we have had to adjust to a whole new schedule that is no longer centered around us.

over the past six weeks, i've taken countless photos of charlie, many of which i have shared on facebook and flickr. i now understand how mothers feel about their child. the adoration, the awe, the endless gushing over their little one. i admit, being a mom wasn't something i had imagined for myself. but now that i have been blessed with this precious package, i just cant get enough of her... its really difficult to express how much joy this tiny person can bring!

these are just a few of my favorites from the growing collection. not even two months and she's already looking into the camera... i just hope she will like having her picture taken because she is officially my new muse. :)