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Oct 29, 2009

california road trippin' ~ day 1

after an intense trip to india (which i am 'blogging' about on flickr), i decided i needed some alone time with my husband. i had been wanting to take a tour of our beautiful state, so we planned a 10 day road trip to some of the places we either havent been or just want to return to. our 10 day road trip itinerary:

l.a. --> joshua tree --> sequoia --> redwood forest --> san francisco --> monterey -->solvang -->l.a.

we left bright and early tuesday morning to joshua tree national park. taking the 10 eastbound, we met with a beautiful sunrise. north of palm springs, we saw the california windmills. i was driving, so the picture is a bit hazy through my dirty windshield.

the drive there took less than two hours, with virtually no traffic. i would definitely recommend getting an early start. we arrived at the visitor center of joshua tree and already, was feeling the sting of the desert winds. i was excited nevertheless...

we took the west entrance in and stayed mainly on park blvd, with the exception of a few detours. a few minutes off the main road is keys view where you can climb a few steps to see the entire coachella valley. further along park blvd, we saw some massive rock piles, resulting from earthquakes. some of these were quite impressive. we stopped along the side of the road often to admire the stunning landscape, the rock formations, other plant life, and of course, the joshua trees.

it was around 2pm when we started to see a haze spread through the park. the skies were no longer clear and i remembered that the ranger had said they were expecting high winds in the afternoon. the dust must have kicked up and turned the blue skies murky and gray. we decided not to finish our day at the ocotillo patch, which was still a ways south. instead, we continued on park blvd which led us up to the eastern entrance of the park, at twenty nine palms.

after joshua tree, we started for our drive north to sequoia national park. we arrived at three rivers (the small town just outside sequoia) about 10:15pm.