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Mar 15, 2012

los angeles engagement

i love when people are themselves in front of the camera...its not the easiest thing to do when you know someone is taking your picture. i am just blown away by how photogenic sena and james are...these two are so natural and easy-going that it almost makes capturing those natural moments effortless. not only is sena gorgeous, she has such an ease about her. and she has the most beautiful profile! **envious sigh** ...and james, well, he is handsome and honestly one of the nicest guys out there. what a good-looking couple they make, dont you think? and soo sweet together! makes me thrilled to share their engagement session with you!

arent they so adorable? not to mention the light here is to die for! :)

you cant tell here, but it was so cold on the beach that day! they were such good sports and made freezing to death look like fun..thats how good they were!
these next two shots are my favorites. i just love her laugh here..pure joy! :)

so romantic!!

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