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Jan 28, 2012

welcome, beautiful natalia

my first newborn session of the year...
this little beauty was so irresistibly precious and sweet. even before i met her, i knew she would be amazing. when we finally met, i totally fell in love. what an incredibly dainty and beautiful baby natalia is. and mommy and daddy are some of the nicest people ever! as you can see, they are so in love with her. and how can you not be? seriously, she is just perfect!

thank you, luis and esperanza, for allowing me into your home, trusting me with your tiny bundle of love, and giving me the privilege to document this special time for you. natalia is lucky to have such loving parents. i hope you enjoy these photos. :)

(click on any image to see it on black!)
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aww...just look at her. already a daddy's girl. :)

is she a stunning baby or what? i just can't get over her!

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