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Jan 16, 2012

1000 things i love

the list of what we love about our babies is endless. here are just a few from mine:

i love her painted eyebrows,
her kissable chewy round cheeks,
her tiny fingers and toes, which arent so tiny anymore,
the wispy strands of hair from the side of her ears,
the folds in her arms, legs, and neck,
her babbling and hearing her say 'mamamama'
i love that she turns her head at the sound of my voice,
when those tiny lips turn into a smile and two baby whites peek out,
when she looks at me for reassurance, then returns to her play,
our afternoon naps together, and weekend ones with daddy,
i even love when she pretends to cry to get sympathy,
yes, i so love being her mama. :o)

what do you love about your little one?

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