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Sep 21, 2011

newborn session ~ baby travis

lately, so many women around me are either having a baby or are expecting. its been making me a bit envious, so of course i jumped at the opportunity to meet little travis. he was only six days old when i took these. you would think that a baby that new would be snoring away, oblivious to the world around him. not this little guy...he was ready for the world. in the few hours i was with him, i think he only took a few minutes nap total. but he is amazing, and a great sport, as you shall see...

i want to thank travis' mommy and daddy for allowing me into their lives at such a private and daunting time. thanks for letting me hold your baby. he is just the sweetest! enjoy every moment because it passes by too quickly... ❤

this next one is my favorite...this little guy has the most beautiful head, perfectly round. and a full head of jet black hair!

i just couldnt resist sharing this last one, an outtake from our last shot. apparently, he had enough too. gotta love reality! ;)

Sep 3, 2011

all grown up...and going to kindergarten

starting kindergarten is a very special time...and a sign that your baby is growing up. i can hardly believe that i have known gabriel four years! and since i know a whole bunch of other parents whose children are starting kindergarten this fall, i wanted to dedicate this entry to all of you proud parents! what an exciting, joyous, scary, and emotional time this must be for all you moms and dads! congrats on making it this far! just think, in no time you will be going to your little one's high school graduation! :D

happy first week of school!