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Aug 4, 2011

charlie...3 months

my baby is three months now. sounds cliche, but time has flown by! yesterday, i was looking through the photos and videos on my phone and realized what a blur most of it is, even though i swore to myself that i would remember every moment. an impossible task, i know. she has grown and changed so much; i dont even recognize her from her newborn photos...

this set of photos are just a few of my favorites that i took this past month. there are so many more, but i just cant keep up. im afraid if i waited until i have them all organized and processed, i will never get around to sharing them. and perhaps, as someone said to me, i am a bit obsessed with taking pictures of her. but what better subject than a baby to be obsessed with? at least thats what i tell myself. heh. this way, i will be able to immortalize her because i know she will continue to grow like a weed. :D

i just love these two. both my babies. ;)