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Apr 12, 2011

los angeles family sesssion

a few weeks ago, i had a photo session scheduled with this adorable family. as the day drew near, we had a feeling that the weather would not cooperate, but i went to their home anyway and did a mini session. we had rescheduled for better weather, but conflicts in schedules kept us from being able to get together to finish our shoot. then the day arrived and the weather was just gorgeous, as you will see in our outdoor shots. this taught me a big lesson in having patience and faith that great results are definitely worth the wait! isnt that true with so many things in life?

and look at the smiles on these faces! this is probably one of the most smiles ive ever caught in a session. and mom and dad...well, we can definitely see where the kids got their good looks. ;o)

big brother nathan is so talented! this little guy made so many animals out of his play doh. here is only one example. talk about fine motor skills...just look at the details! and i dont think i have ever seen a five year old with such long attention span - he sat there for almost three hours after this was taken! what parent wouldnt love that? :)

i love the look on dads face...he definitely adores mommy! sooo sweet!!

sweet and adorable joey her brother, she is a total sweetheart. i caught her having a grand old time with her dolls in our first session. she has such a great imagination!

yes, being cute is certainly hard work. time for a nap! ;)

i couldnt resist this last shot...look at mom! what a beauty! not to mention the light in their home is to die for!

thank you, guys, for sharing your day with me! i had such a great time with you and you made my job so much fun, despite my big belly getting in the way! :D

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