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Apr 29, 2011

los angeles family session ~ a beautiful family

on my facebook page, i asked the question, "what do you get when you bring together two beautiful people in love?" well, you just guessed it! A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! i knew melissa and omar was an adorable couple, but i got to know them even better on the day of our shoot, and i just couldnt help but fall in love with them as a couple and as a family. they are so loving and sweet! and such great parents!!

we started our session with just mommy and daddy, and then we brought in little jacob. youll recognize him by his yummy cheeks! i just wanted to bite him, he was so cute! his older brother nicholas was taking a nap, so we got a few shots of just the three of them until older brother awoke from his slumber. once nicholas woke from his nap, we had a blast! just like the rest of his family, he is so photogenic! i also learned something else about this little guy...he is mom's little protector! as we were walking through the uneven tall grass, he was holding on to her, making sure she didnt slip or trip over any rocks. how sweet is that? it was so cute to see him be so protective of her!

thank you, guys, for braving the dirt and dust! i know the terrain wasnt easy to handle, and getting your shoes and feet dirty was the last thing we wanted! but you were great and i had such a great afternoon photographing you. you make being beautiful parents look fun and easy! thanks for allowing me to capture these moments for you, im honored! you are indeed a beautiful family!

omgosh, arent these two just too cute? and they adore each other!

see a different version of this photo here.

i just loved the way these turned out! dont they just look like models or actors?

thanks again for a wonderful shoot! you guys are awesome!

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