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Apr 6, 2010

selah and isaiah *part 1

this past weekend, i had the most fun with these two adorable siblings! not only are they beautiful, but they each have such a unique and lovable personality that you cant resist falling in love with them. what i found special was that they adore each other and love playing together. isaiah is so affectionate with his little sister, it makes you melt to watch them interact! i had such a great time with these two. and wait till you see mom and dad ~ youll see where they get their stunning looks. but i ll save that for part two! :)

you can see who wants to be like her big brother... :)

can you see the hearts? so cute!!

she loves those apples!

i love his irresistible smile and those curly locks!

how can you not fall in love with these two??

sharing is caring, right?...awww!

part two coming soon!


  1. very cute Jenn :-) congrats.

  2. Thank you so much!!! We had a blast! You are an amazing photographer. I am so flattered by your kind remarks:)

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  4. kristin, i had such a great time too! your family is so beautiful and fun to be around...looking forward to seeing you soon!

  5. awh! amazing! these two darlings are my favorite kiddos, awesome photos :)