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Apr 2, 2010

exploring los angeles

every now and then, i like to go out with my camera and shoot just for the sake of shooting. it amazing how much you learn just by doing that (not to mention getting some unexpected great shots and meeting interesting people)! yesterday, my brother jeff and i explored downtown near the l.a. bridge and union station. this is one of several outings we are hoping to do and what a fabulous time it was!
we started near the area of the the los angeles bridge. then headed to chinatown near la placita olvera (olvera street) and worked our way to union station. in many instances, i needed a subject in order to test the flash. he was such a good sport about being my model. hopefully now he'll have some nice facebook photos. :)

here are some of my favorites from yesterday.

jeff looking very much like a pro here. :)

This is carlos. as we wondered through the alley that is called olvera street, i was about to take a photo of a colorful bench when an elderly gentleman came and sat down. he saw me with my gear and began talking to me about the history of los angeles. i didnt quite make the connection, but perhaps he thought i was a journalist. we talked for several minutes and then took his photo. had i been able to stay longer, im sure he would have shared many interesting stories about his life. as i thanked him, i told him that i would see him again someday soon. he told me he hoped the same. my encounter with him left me feeling the kind of contentment i feel while traveling and i meeting new people...

how can i end the day without doing a self portrait?

** if you live in the los angeles area and would like to join us for some exploring (with your beloved camera), please email me and we will figure out some dates! **


  1. We should do that some time Jenn! :D That would be fun! (This is Lydia btw)

  2. Oh, and then we can go get boba afterwards. LoL

  3. Hey! My sister is moving out to L.A. This fall around Sept. I'll be visiting her for sure. We should meet up and shoot!

  4. lydia! yes, you should join us! i ll be posting details on upcoming dates.
    marc...that would be a great idea! looking forward to it!:)