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Feb 26, 2011

turning 95

this weekend, my grandpa turned 95. it was also his first birthday without my grandma by his side, his wife of over 70 years. every year since i can remember, we have had dinners where the entire family, all the children and grandchildren and his close friends, gather to celebrate. and now, these include his great grandchildren.

ive been wanting to photograph my grandpa for a while now, documenting his daily life and his surroundings in general. he is the man who encouraged me to pursue photography after my first trip abroad alone some years ago. thank you, grandpa, for your encouragement and enthusiasm. i love you.

these are some highlights from our dinner.

being an accomplished photographer in his heyday, my grandpa never hesitates to give instruction to any of us.

this one is from last year's celebration, in memory of my beloved grandma...

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