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Jul 8, 2010

rebecca and her pups

i meant to blog this session earlier in the week, but it's been crazy busy after the holiday weekend. tonight, i finally had a chance to share the time i spent with my friend rebecca and her boys. a while back, rebecca mentioned to me that one of her dogs (woodruff) was getting old and she wanted to have some pictures taken with both her dogs, woodruff and rufus. woodruff (featured here) is eleven years old and so so mellow. he was easy to photograph and gave me the most adorable looks. rufus, whom rebecca found at work, is a scardy cat. he was terrified of my camera and would run and hide under a blanket when i tried to photograph him. we think he was abused before she found him. he's afraid of everything, and i do mean everything! we had to get him outdoors in order to distract him from seeing the camera. anyway, i had a lovely time hanging out with them and getting to know her sweeties! here are a few of my favorites from our session.

just look at that face!

you can see rufus on the right...i was far enough away that he didn't even notice me.

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