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Jul 22, 2010

brandon and diandra * part 1

and here she is...the lovely bride getting ready for her big day. i just couldnt believe how calm and cool she was! more to come!!

i couldnt get enough of her shoes! they were so chic, yet dainty and feminine...

she is sooo beautiful! just look at those captivating baby blues...


  1. i love the angle in which you've captured the dress and the ring shot is so unique Jenn. What lens did you use for that? My widest is my 17-40, but it doesn't give me the shallow depth of field that I love.

    Great job with the layout too:)

  2. thank you, my friend. :)
    i shot this with my 24-70. sometimes im surprised how wide the photos actually come out. ive been wanting a wider lens, but when i look at the shots i can get with this lens, i think twice.