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Jun 23, 2010

brandon and diandra engaged!

over the weekend, i shot this adorable couple's engagement session. i have to say, i had a blast hanging out with them. they constantly made me laugh and as you can see, they have a great time together!

when we first met a few months ago, diandra told me that they spend a lot of time in the city. both are music lovers and love to hang out and go see live bands. in fact, their common interests are what brought them together. their love of music and bands led them to long conversations at work, then to a blossoming friendship. eventually, their friendship turned into love. and what could be a better life partner than your best friend?

so these are a few of my favorites from our time together in the city of angels. check back for updates as i add more this weekend! thanks for a fabulous time, guys! you both were so natural in front of the camera that it made my job easy! cant wait for the wedding next month!

i've also added more photos on flickr.


  1. I really love that Troubadour picture. It reminds me of the Pete Townshend song.

  2. Love this couple. You truly captured the essence of their love :)

  3. I love the one of them kissing at the cafe (it seems as if you just walked by and took that photo!) and the tall columns add a very nice touch to the photo. I'm sure their wedding will be a very fun one as well.

  4. thank you, adelita!

    sam, yes, thats what i wanted to capture. it wasnt an easy spot because of the glass, but i liked the way it turned out anyway. :)