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Jan 20, 2010

turning one

my brother and i shot his friend jayne and johnny's wedding back in 2007. we were fortunate enough to shoot their daughter when she turned one this past december. i had a great time, and little jacklyn is so sweet and playful. mom told me she only takes to males. but lucky for me, she and i hit it off right away! here are a few from our shoot...

i just love her smile!

her favorite toy from the birthday party...

while on our way to the park, little jacklyn fell asleep. when we arrived, there was nothing we could do to wake her up, so we ended doing a shot of them all napping. how cute...napping with smiles! im learning that when you have a young child, flexibility is key!

here are a few of mom and dad. dont they look happy? looks like romance is still in the air! :)

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