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Jan 6, 2010

childhood friends

one of my favorite things to do is to photograph children in their natural element ~ play. whether they be siblings or pals, i love to document these moments of their lives. on this day, i had the privilege of being part of two friends' play day, following them on their 'date.'

these two lovelies happen to be the daughters of my good friends. moms are busy people, so these two havent seen each other in a while. i wanted to tell a story about their time together. when they found out this day was planned just for them, they were so excited...and so was i!

hope these pictures make you smile as much as they made me! :))

off to the ice cream parlor! you want me to make a decision??!

trying to entertain themselves while waiting for their food. and did i mention, these two LOVE art! hmmm...that gives me an idea!

look at their faces when the sundaes arrive! i was laughing at how the ice cream was almost as big as their heads!
and before they knew it, it started to melt! ahhh, the joys of living in southern california. ;)

the girls checking out the store before heading off to our next adventure! this one loves lady bugs.

the following two shots are my favorite!

how cute are they?

we went to the park and the girls had a great time creating some artwork! the wind started to kick up a bit, but no children were hurt in the event.

...and two masterpieces to end the day!

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