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Dec 27, 2009

california road trippin' ~ day 6

today, we started our trip back south, but not without taking the coastal drive, where the real magic of the redwoods can be experienced. it was a sunnier day, with the morning fog disappearing into splendid rays of light streaming through between branches and leaves. we seemed to be the only ones on the narrow road by the coast. once the coastal drive ends, we end up on hwy 101 again and the stunning redwoods can be admired in their full glory. we pulled along the side of the road many times to admire them, and even took a short hike into the forest. i definitely recommend doing this as you get the full experience of the forest and the crisp air. the greenery is so diverse inside, youll find yourself constantly marveling at how everything thrives and depends on each other.

unfortunately, we didnt have enough time to meander through some of the recommended trails. that only means we will have to come back someday. we headed south back through eureka for our late lunch and then started for san francisco. yay!

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