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Nov 11, 2009

california road trippin' ~ day 4

from sequoia, most people who have more time would probably go to yosemite. unfortunately, we didn't, so we headed straight to the redwood coast. that meant a very long winding drive. 10 hours, to be exact. from sequoia, we took the 198 west (about 80 miles) to the 5 north (about 110 miles) to the 580 west towards san francisco (80 miles) and then to the 101 north (for about 254 miles). the 101 was the longest and toughest drive. it was filled with curves and steep slopes after we passed eureka. the thick fog, combined with the curves, dips, night driving, and speeding cars made me it a harrowing drive. maybe im just a wimp, but i was nervous and sick. at one point, the fog was so thick we could only see about fifteen to twenty feet in front of the car. on a positive note, i did enjoy the occasional small (and i mean small) towns we would drive through. the 101 would suddenly become 'main street.' and then in no time, it would turn back into a freeway again. but despite the cold, motion sickness, and lack of use of our feet, we did see some interesting things. most of what you see below are photos i took before the evening set in, except for the last one which was our last chance to get a bite before we headed into the fog.

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