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Nov 1, 2009

california road trippin' ~ day 2

got a late start this morning...we made sure we rested up for the next few days. from tiny town of three rivers, we entered sequoia national park. along the way, we stopped at numerous scenic spots. some of the attractions were closed for the season, but it didnt dampen our spirits, however. some of the following were the highlights of our day.

the most amazing sights were towards late afternoon, where we were able to see the sunset over the spectacular skies and forest. moro rock is the spot to catch the best view of the sunset. i didnt make the complete climb all the way to the top, but pramin did. he got a hair raising view ~ not a recommended climb if you have a fear of heights (that would be me). i did manage, however, to catch some sunset shots from the halfway point before the sun completely set. the first two are pramin's shots. i get chills just from looking at the photos, let alone climbing to the top!

our day come to a hungry end as we drove the long windy road back into town and had dinner at the only pizza place in town. i was actually hoping to find some soup to warm me up, but ended up settling for spaghetti in meat sauce, and pramin had a pepperoni and mushroom personal pizza. pretty good food for a tiny town of only 2500 people (actually, it seemed more like 50).

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